Piles Symptoms

Symptoms of Piles

Piles can occur due to physical inactivity, poor diet and constipation.

Put simply, they are caused by a blood vessel that has been pushed out of the  and become infected. Symptoms will be itching, burning, throbbing and bleeding, particularly during or after a bowel movement.

What do Piles Look Like?

Piles may be described as a tiny lump of grapes protruding from the anus. The size, shape and number of hemorrhoids vary from one person to the next.

Usual Characteristics of Piles

The size of each hemorrhoid will vary. The most standard and commonly found is typically the size of a pea; however it is not uncommon for people to have hemorrhoids as large as a grape or maybe even the size of a walnut!

Sometimes there is only one hemorrhoid, while other people can have many hemorrhoids. Typically a small cluster of hemorrhoids will occur at once.

What do Hemorrhoids look like?

Some describe them as looking like flattened grapes.   Others report fuller sizes or a wrinkly appearance. They usually come out of the anus or protrude.

When they remain inside the anus out of view they are the internal piles.  The hemorrhoids that develop on the skin outside of the anus are called external hemorrhoids. They may completely block the anus from view.

What do They Feel Like?
Piles have a cushion like feel. It may seem like a bump, which starts to protrude after a while. An Internal hemorrhoid will feel like a bump because it is inside the anal region and so it may not diagnosed for a longer period of time.

An external hemorrhoid is easily visible to the common man with the assistance of a mirror.

Piles or Anal Fissures?

Seeing spots of blood on the toilet paper  and pain with bowel movements, people think it’s hemorrhoids when the issue may really be a small but painful tear called an anal fissure. They are many times caused by hard stools and difficult bowel movements.

When stools are too hard, the anal sphincter is stretched open more than usual. This results in a tear or anal fissure. Anal fissures cause a sharp, stinging pain with the passage of each bowel movement; but hemorrhoids often cause bleeding but no pain.

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